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ArduPilot Monthly Update for Nov 2020

Here are the slides from the monthly report for Nov 2020 presented by Tridge, Randy and a few others at the monthly Partner’s call.

The image on the left is from Micro Aerial Project’s precision RTK landings testing.

The image on the right is FreeSpace Operation’s Callisto multicopter. Click on the “Videos” menu item or scroll to the bottom of their web page to see some videos of the vehicle’s impressive lifting and control abilities.

Thanks very much to our Partners for their support and engagement!


Callisto is impressive. It is a shame 99% of people trying that hardware setup will end up in a disastrous failure. There is obviously some setup tricks that are well above and beyond what an even “skilled” user can accomplish.


Tuning a new vehicle can be tricky but we’ve got very detailed instructions on the Tuning Process Instruction wiki page.

We very much encourage users to follow all the steps in this guide because they are all important.

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