ArduPilot Monthly Update for Mar 2022


Here are the slides from the Mar 2022 monthly report presented by Tridge, Randy and a few others at this month’s Partners call.

BTW, the image on the left is an OMP ZMO airframe and there is a discussion here on how to convert it to use ArduPilot.

The image on the right from a test I did with AttracLab last week to test hexacopter motor failures. It was a very successful test with the vehicle only rotating about 180 degrees but otherwise maintaining full control. This was done with Copter-4.1.5.

Thanks very much to our Partners for their support and engagement!


curious about the progress of this segment.


Not much effort has been put into improving walking robots further I’m afraid. Probably the next enhancement that would improve walking robots is adding active roll and pitch control but I can’t make any guarantees on when a developer will start on that.