ArduPilot Monthly Update for June 2018


Below is the link to the Monthly development report presented by Olivier, Tridge, Randy, Peter, Jaime and a couple of others at the Partner’s call.

It was a good discussion on the call today and we very much appreciate the financial support and input of our Partners.

P.S. the image above is of a’s Echosounder (underwater sonar) which was just one of a few range finder developments over the past month.


Nice echosounder wiring and support !
Could not find price range for this device

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They were kind enough to send it to me for free so I’m unsure of the price but I think it’s between $400 ~ $500 US. So not cheap but not bad for this type of sensor I hear. By the way, the Garmin DT800 should also work with this driver although that hasn’t been tested yet.

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Too expensive for a research project IMO but should be good for commercial application. 100m is nice but may be could be less expensive with less range …

Another device used in combination with pixhawk Airmar Echorange SS510 used by simpleunmanned

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Thanks. The Airmar Echorange SS510 appears to output NMEA so I think it would work as well.

I wonder if Unmanned Marine Systems uses ArduPilot. I think it’s likely because they use the Emlid Reach RTK GPS it seems. Perhaps not but I suspect they might. Anyway, I’m happy to help external vendors using ArduPilot although I’m extra keen to help if they advertise that they’re using ArduPilot inside.

They do ! Pixhawk was listed before and there is still Mission planner screenshot.
Note that I have nothing related with them and agree with you about ardupilot mention.

Indeed. Rover 3.1.2. from the video.
Looks like a great and very professional company.

I want to install the Echologger ECT400 on my Pixhawk Cube orange.

(firmware Rover 4.1.4 OFFICIAL, mission planner 1.3.75)

In my full parameter list, I can’t find the following parameters.


RNGFND1_MAX_CM = 10000 (i.e. 100m). This is the distance in centimeters that the rangefinder can reliably read.

RNGFND1_ORIENT = 25 (i.e. down) if mounted on a boat

Will this be a problem for the installation and operation of the Echologger ECT400?

Marcel, I think you’ve got your answer for the echologger over on this thread.

what would be really useful is a unified NMEA port on the flight controller. so multiple NMEA devices can share a port.

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