Ardupilot fixed wing mission interupted after tkoff.. plane was lost!

after mission uplouded … takeoff was successful as … from the messages plane started mission 2

the reached message did not show up … from Tlog the plane reached waypoint 2 ( from there it should make a turn to waypoint 3) and continued in almost a straight line until we lost sight of the plane.

the plane had GPS , Lidar , Airspeed sensor,

I only have Tlog … can any one help so I at least can know what’s the issue was

Just a quick look:

It appears your airspeed sensor was not working and reported air speed was very low over the entire flight. Was the stall prevention enabled in parameters? It can lead into heavy control limitations which could prevent small radius turns.

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From the messages airspeed sensor was disabled after it dropped below allowed limit…

I am not sure about stall parameter… But i have set max speed and min speed… More or less airspeed sensor throttle control will be disabled…

Somehow we got contacted some one saying he have found our missing plane… I hope it true so I can check its logs

If so I will share here

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please also upload a log of a previous good flight.
from the tlog the aileron was 50% left deflected, the plane was trying to turn a lot harder than it actually turned.
The log also shows that the aircraft had not had any tuning in roll or pitch and arming checks were disabled. You really do need those arming checks, and you must tune the aircraft to stand a chance of flying reliably.

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please check my findings