Ardupilot drone error during flying

Hello, I was going to test fly the drone after I finished setting up the system after assembling the drone, but the drone keeps spinning. Why can’t the drone float up when I’ve done all the ESC calibration after adjusting the rotation

The likely case is you got the motor order wrong. Use Mission Planners Motor test function and make sure you understand which motors are supposed to run when you select the buttons.
Page Down to Motor Test Motor Test

By the way, I have already done the rotation direction and calibration of the motor in the mission planner, so do I have to solve this problem in the mission planner again?
And Is it okay if I send you a failed flight video? I was going to send it here, but there was an error, so could you let me know the email if you don’t mind? I’ll send it to you via email

Almost always it’s the motor order or direction that causes this.

Okay, Thank you very much for helping me!!