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ArduPilot Developer Meetup in Canberra - March 23rd and 24th 2019

(tridge) #1

It’s on again! After the success of our last two developer meetups in Canberra, we are holding it again for 2019.
The meetup will be on 23rd and 24th of March, and will be held at the Best Western Garden City hotel, which is just a few minutes from the Canberra Model Aircraft Club, where we will be having fun flying in the afternoons.
The meetup is open to:

  • members of the ArduPilot development team
  • partner companies
  • members of the ArduPilot user community by invitation

If you want to attend then please contact me soon so I can put your name down. Please respond on this blog post, or contact me privately. I have reserved 20 rooms in the hotel, but we are likely to use more than that based on past years.
The development team will be able to provide travel and accommodation assistance for a small number of attendees. Contact me if you would like to apply for financial assistance.
When booking rooms you need to use a conference discount code to get the best rate. Once you let me know want to attend then I will send you a link to a document on how to book with the conference discount code. The rooms will include breakfast.

Pre-conference Coding

As with previous years we will have a coding blitz in the days leading up to the conference. We expect that several of the core dev team will be arriving on the Wednesday the 20th of March. We have reserved a meeting room to use for those days, plus plan on some flying plus some testing of boats on the Canberra lakes on those days. If you are interested in arriving early to be part of the pre-conference event then please let me know.

I look forward to seeing you in Canberra!

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(cbrk1) #2

Hi Tridge,

If your happy I’d like to attend again if thats ok.



(tridge) #3

you would be very welcome Chris!

(Khancyr) #4


I will see with my company to come again! I expect to come with other developpers from AzurDrones.
I really enjoy last year, and from a technical point a view it is really enjoyable too from starter to avance users/developpers.

(cbrk1) #5

Excellent, I’ll be there!

(James Pattison) #6

Just a reminder to those wishing to attend: please book your hotel room!
Ping me or @tridge for discount booking instructions.

(Dr Nic Williams) #7

Looking forward to flying down from Brisbane!