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ArduPilot Developer Conference March 2020

I’m delighted to announce that the ArduPilot Developer Conference for 2020 will on on March 27th to 29th in Canberra, Australia.
This is the 4th year we have held this conference and it is looking like it will be bigger and better than ever. We have a new, larger, venue and already have a long list of attendees.
This is a developer conference and the focus is on developer activities and planning for the year ahead. All ArduPilot development team members are very welcome along with all ArduPilot partners. Others are welcome by invitation. If you would like to come then please contact me either as a PM here or via email at
New Venue
This year we are moving the venue to the Kurrajong Hotel which gives us more space.

Just a few minutes walk away is the Canberra lake, where we look forward to testing some ArduPilot boats

The hotel will also be providing buffet lunches to keep us going.
We also have a new flying site at the Spring Valley research farm to the west of Canberra. This will be a great site for test flights and we look forward to welcoming everyone for both the flying and social events.
You can see the talks from the 2019 conference here in our playlist here:
Conference Format
The format of this conference is deliberately quite informal, with members of the developer team giving presentations on their work over the past year along with their plans for the upcoming year.
This time around we are expanding the main conference to 3 days, with the first day (the Friday) focusing on the very important topic of our documentation.
We also have a tradition of several days of pre-conference intense development and testing, with many of the attendees coming several days early to work closely together.
The dev team look forward to seeing many of you in Canberra in March!


Hi Andrew, would you give more details about the tradition

It will be a grand event for the open source community, cheers.

sure, each year we have had several days before the conference where we do intense testing and development with a smaller group of developers and partners. Anyone coming to the conference is welcome to be part of this if they have time.
We have a nice flying site to test at, plus access to the lake sites for boats.
It really is a lot of fun, and we tend to get a lot done in those few days.
Cheers, Tridge

Thanks Ardupilot dev!
This is an amazing project and the unconference was so great to follow past years remotely.
My laboratory and my PhD research on Aerial Media Arts (based on Ardupilot!) will make its best to propose you our partecipation presenting all the flying swarm copter platform for this year Conference.

Hope to see you in Canberra,
all the best

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Looks like this will be a big year! We’ve had 70 people say they are interested in coming, which would be a new record.

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