ArduPilot Conference 2020 Underway!

The 2020 ArduPilot Developers Conference is underway!

We’ve moved everything online, due to global travel restrictions. Whilst the circumstances are unfortunate, this has provided a great opportunity to expand the number of people who can attend.
Check out the schedule (in GMT):

and feel free to join the Zoom conference : please send a PM to me, @CraigElder, @tridge or @LuisVale for the password (our first meeting was “Zoom Bombed”, so we’ve had to protect it).

Calendar link for schedule:


Times are GMT, so first event is at 3 pm PST (California time) on Thursday.

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Any possibility these will be recorded and shared/posted in the future?

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yes, they will be on youtube in a few days


(I should give a little shout-out to Hex for providing the graphic in my post - thanks @proficnc )


Yes sign of the times and thank you Tridge for putting them on you tube,missed the main one I want to see Pi on ardupilot,new journey for me.And many thank’s to every one for making this happen


There are stickers as well!

Not sure how to hand them out “virtually” :slight_smile:

Kane from Hex did the graphic :slight_smile:

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Done in Bulgarian. Hope someone joins.събитие/ardupilot-conference-2020/

@CraigElder; totally new to ardupilot!
would you please send me a password to attend the zoom conferences?

G’day Glover,
Welcome to ArduPilot!


Last day on the conference is about to start:

Please note one last minute change

Times in GMT (and reflect the change for Summer time)

looking forward to get it on youtube, those times are … suboptimal … for me :slight_smile:

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We tried to split things up to accommodate different time zones: happy to take feedback for next time though. @LuisVale is doing the video edits. It’s quite a lot of work: he’ll post links when they’re posted to YouTube, but give him a few days.

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Understand your pain @Andre-K

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I assume the times selected suits the most important developers and where the most developers live. It is understandably hard to make it work for all.
@LuisVale I, and many others appreciate your work both on the ArduPilot & video editing which will be my way to kind of participate - thank you :slight_smile:


Almost. We used Australia as the base timezone, then split the sessions so that they coincided either with USA afternoon or European morning, and were reasonable for Asia. It’s always a compromise trying to run a global event.


Thanks a lot for all presentations. But where’s “GPS denied navigation”? It was published here but then disappeared. Did you restrict access to it?

Unfortunately, yes. I’m hoping it can be edited and put back up.