ArduPilot crashes into ground

Hey there,

Yesterday i had my first time… flying with autopilot. All went well so far until i told the plane that he should come to 30m (approx. 100feet) above ground after he was 100m (330feet) above. I watched him on mission planner as he startet pitching nose down and when i saw that he was like at 28m i thought he would now pitch up again which it didn’t do really. When it was down by 10m it was really too late to take control and pitch nose up manually. Well long story short: it crashed and it also broke a bit. But what i care about much more than the broken wing, is the fact that i have no clue why it did that. I have the log files but i really don’t know what i can read out of them. Is there anyone i could send the logs to to help me unterstand my problem? I don’t want to post them here because of coordinates and so on…

Thanks in advance.

Upload the logs please. On 1-10 scale I would give 5/10 to myself for reading logs. If the logs all ok and require deep inspection, someone experienced will post the update.
But logs first please….

Okay here it is: - Envoi sécurisé et gratuit de gros fichiers
Had to upload it there since the file is too big.

I had the problem with my ESC that if i ramp up throttle too fast, the motor starts stuttering instead of spinning. Maybe that helps too.
Thanks in advance.

Can you also upload the mission file? It’ll help us understand better, since the crash happened when the plane was in Auto.

Where can i find that? I didn’t safe it on my pc.

If you haven’t overwritten on the vehicle yet, then you can connect your flight controller to MP. Navigate to “Plan” on the top-left. Here, you’ll find “Read” option on the right-hand side. Clicking “Read” will load the last mission file saved on the vehicle. After successfully loading the file into MP, click “Save File” on the right side of the screen and upload the same here.

PS: I like to save all my mission files into a folder with date, time and location in the file name. You can try doing that :slight_smile: . Turns out to be useful sometimes.

Okay I’ll send it when im back home. Thanks for the advice! (287 Bytes)

Oh maybe it also helps to mention that i never did the autotune nor tune anything else.