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Ardupilot Code ArduPlane Structure Identification Issue


(Rjiun Raj K) #1

I successfully compiled Ardupilot code for ArduPlane for Pixhawk2. I have one doubt regarding the plane structure. In Mission Planner, we are selecting the firmware according to plane structure (Fixed wing, Multirotor wing, Quadplane etc…). I compiled the ardupilot code and generated a .px4 file. How can I verify the plane structure?

(Hunt0r) #2

If you “upload custom firmware” then you don’t need to specify the structure.

If you don’t see how to “upload custom firmware” then seek first to enable Advanced Settings (or something like that) in Mission Planner.

(Rjiun Raj K) #3

I’m uploading custom firmware, but that is not downloaded from ardupilot. i have compiled the code from git repository. But there is no option for me to select a plane structure. I have only used make px4-v2 command. It compiled and created a .px4 file, that i uploaded through mission planner. How can i identify the plane structure?

(Hunt0r) #4

Sorry @rijun034 I think I didn’t understand what you’re asking. Maybe someone more familiar with how to enable quadplane features in ArduPlane could respond to help?