Ardupilot CANBUS controlled esc

I am working on serious project about UAV. and I am using Unitek esc you can see below
I will use pixhawk for this uav.And This esc controlled by CANBUS.
I know that Pixhawk have CAN controller and ardupilot have CAN library.But pixhawk can controll motor using pwm.
How can I implement CANBUS motor output on my pixhawk.I started working on it.But I wondered Is there basic roadmap.Can I add canbus writing script or other way.I need your opinion.
Can you help me.
My english is not good. because of that I am sorry.
Thank you.

Pixhawk already supports UAVCAN ESCs

So all you need to do, is to change the existing code do add support for your specific ESC

@amilcarlucas Thank you for your answer

I trying to understand ardupilot code tree.And I draw arducopter wall chart.Every loop ends at HAL library and every process help converting pwm output. And pwm produced by output_to_motors() function in AP_HAL as you can see this link
This function have 2 part.First one is calculating pwm second one is writing pwm. I thinking that I can add canbus write fuction in second part using AP_UAVCAN functions.
Is this way can be right way for implementing CANBUS on my pixhawk.

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