Ardupilot build for ULTRA96 board

Hi all,

I am trying to run Ardupilot software on the ULTRA96 board (ARM A53, 64 bit, Ubuntu). The idea on my project is similar to this guys ( (FPGA accelerated flight controller). At this point I can do all the sensors interfacing in the FPGA and save the data to a fixed memory location without CPU participating. Next step is to install Ardupilot on my board and tell the sensor drivers where the data is (

I am not sure where to start, because ULTRA96 is not supported by Ardupilot software and it is a 64 bit system. At this point I want to install Ardupilot and connect it to the ground station.

Do you have any pointers?



Can you post your SystemVerilog code and or VHDL code? Xilinx or Intel ?