Ardupilot as simple autopilot for manned aircraft

Hi all,

Bringing up this topic again.
I used to be active in the Ardupilot community quite a while ago, and looking into existing autopilot solutions for experimental/EU-ultralight airplanes, there is not very much within a reasonable price range.

I am currently looking into using the AP code base for a simple heading holding, aileron-fixed trim rudder and was wondering if anyone did or planned something similar?
The goal would be to use either GPS or magnetic heading to feed a PI(D??) loop to a single servo.

And please note, I am fully aware of the risks and the risk mitigation. I fly a Kitfox, and many parts on it are self built and self made.
An trim-based Autopilot is not a high risk factor, as its function is by default overriden by the pilot’s inputs.
Oh, and no, it is not illegal, as there is no certification needed, unless I change something significant on the cell or the motor.

Read here:

You will get no support for such a project, despite your acknowledgment of the risks.

Thanks for the reply.
Wasn’t aware of this.

Still, a shame, as Ardupilot is one of the best code bases around…

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