Ardupillot APM 2.8 query

Does Ardupilot still produce a control system?
I asked a while ago about this, seems it is very old now. Is there a later version, or something from another company ?

As the APM 2.8 is outdated, is there a later version, whilst learning is it still worth learning with this system or not?
I don’t want to build anything grand, Video/FPV/ Racing, I just want to grasp the concepts involved before doing anything advanced.
I have been playing with a $20 mini drone which is ideal for hand / finger learning but no more than that.

Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.

Take a look at

There are plenty of $20 boards much more modern than APM 2.8

The old APM is still a functional autopilot.
I have many old systems still functioning and doing what they do.
FW3.2.1 is the last version for them and if all you’re after is something to tinker with they are fine.
Just don’t expect any of the latest functions or the rock solid performance of the latest FW.

And if you crash it, or blow it up, no great cost.

Can I ask if you have used Pixhawk, and does it have either compatibility or use groundcontrol software?

Thanks, that was my idea. Might be old, but stil available and if it burns, no great loss, plus I learn something on the way. Thanks for the encouraging replies. I note I’ve asked some pretty basic questions ( as newbies do) and I’ve had some pretty pompous answers. Resisted the urge to tell them what to do so far. Thank you both.

I use multiple Pixhawk v1.0 and v2.1. Using both PX4 and AdruPilot firmware.
And yes, qgroundcontrol works fine on all the combinations mentioned above.