Arducopter V2.8 after wrong wiring solid red LED and no connection to MP

Hey there,
I wanted to conect my gimbal to the APM. I just mixed up Pin A10 and A11 with the SPI Pins. Now i have the following Problem: After switching the APM on the red LED blinks about 5 times slowly and than gets solid. Just the green LED is lighting either. Further i can’t connect the Board to MP. It always says not Heartbeat detected. Before the thing with the gimbal everything worked well. So the cable and the Port and the laptops driver works all well. I also uploaded the latest firmware so MP seems to be in a way able to connect with the APM.
Does anybody know wether i destroyed my board or what i even did and much more important HOW CAN I FIX THAT ISSUE?

P.S. can i use the SPI Pins via a Arduino USB2SERIAL Light to programm the APM ?

greatings Sebastian

I think I might destroyed the bootloader of the APM due to I connected to the SPI, although it’s still possible to compile and upload sketches with the arduino environment. Just the Ardupilot firmware doesn’t work properly…
I gonna research how to reflash the APM and tell you

I reflashed the bootloader and set it all new up. The board was broken and I bought a new one