ArduCopter swarm with Pixhawk5X and RFD868x

Hi, I have a question regarding the swarming function of Mission Planner. I have tested it and it works to some extent, but with some pretty significant issues. Issue 1: There is an approx. 3 second lag between the leader drone and the slave drone. Issue 2: The slave drone follows the leader drone as it should and within the set relative position, but rotates randomly about the yaw axis since the activation of the swarming. After disabling the swarming function, the drone behaves normally. Does anybody know what could be the problem and how I could solve these issues ? Or can someone please tell me who to contact regarding these issues ? In the SITL simulations, the drones behave as they should. Thanks a lot for help.


What telemetry link are you using?
Have you optimized the transmission rate and messaging?

Please provide a log of the slave so we can check what cause the yaw oscillation

Hi, sorry for the late reply. We are using RFD868x telemetry modules with P2P configuration. How could we optimize the transmission rate and messaging ? And per the logs, we currently do not have access to the logs so we will send them ASAP.

Hi, I am sending a log from one of the slave drones, from one of our swarm flights. The swarm was created by the swarming function of mission planner.


I would suggest you update to latest stable release and check if the vehicle YAW behave normally when you fly in guided mode. You can try to set bit 2 in GUID_OPTIONS to ignore yaw

From the log I see that you have lot of error on the transmission link, maybe you can relocate antennas and use higher gain at the base station