ArduCopter SITL RangeFinder Non-Downard Facing Orientations Not Working

I have been trying to configure RangeFinder for Obstacle Avoidance for SITL simulation of ArduCopter inside Iris Arducopter Demo world inside Gazebo 11. I followed this tutorial for adding analog rangefinder and managed to successfully get readings for Downward facing Rangefinder:

param set RNGFND1_TYPE 1
param set RNGFND1_SCALING 10
param set RNGFND1_PIN 0
param set RNGFND1_MAX_CM 5000
param set RNGFND1_MIN_CM 0
param set RNGFND1_ORIENT 25 ← 25 is for downward

Then I tried to add a second rangefinder (namely, RNGFND2) with same value for all parameters except for param set RNGFND1_ORIENT 25 instead of 0 because I want it to face forward. But then it is still showing the values for the downward rangefinder instead even if I disable the downward rangefinder! I know it because I could see the live update of rangefinder readings in Telemetry messages for the forward facing rangefinder using pymavlink. It increases like attitude when taking of and does not change if I spawn an obstacle inside Gazebo in front of the drone. I have tested for all other orientations and it’s all the same; they all show the values for downward facing rangefinder instead. I also made sure I rebooted after everytime I set the parameters.

Here is the export of configuration parameter values via QGroundControl:
to_peruse.txt (41.1 KB)

Is there any configuration that I need to seperate the readings for the rangefinder in other orientations? Or is it the limitation of the SITL Gazebo Iris model that only comes with 1 rangefinder and all other simulated rangefinders will copy over the same readings?