ArduCopter on performance multirotors

Does anyone have any experience using ArduCopter on performance quads? Is there something in how it works limiting it’s usability on race/freestyle quads? My experience so far has been pretty poor just trying to get my quad to even be what I’d call acceptable, and I don’t see anybody really using it and just wanted to know if there’s a technical reason why. Is the filtering not up to what you’d expect out of something like Betaflight? Is the pid loop just too slow? Is autotune just not that good for high power to weight?

I’ve messed with manual tuning too but just cannot get it to fly well. Is this just a lack of tuning skill that I have or something more technical? KISS only runs at 1khz loop rate and people say it flies amazing (I personally have not tried it) but surely it’d be possible to get something similar out of arducopter? Is the pid loop that different?

I may try it again on a different build when I get the chance. I know manual flying isn’t the focus of the project at all but I’m interested to hear what your thoughts/experiences are.

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Did you read the tunning manual? Did you set the notch filter?
A LOT of people here fly racing copters with arducopter just fine.

Yeah, tried messing with that as well in addition to setting the other filters with what the initial parameter spreadsheet recommended for my build. Unfortunately I don’t have BL32 ESCs so I’m stuck with throttle based estimation. Spent several weekends at the field messing with it and reading through documentation pages to no avail. My acro rate P is at 12, turned the expo down, just cannot get it to a point where it feels real connected to fly in a way that Betaflight or iNav do.

The reason I ask is in the 2-3ish years I’ve been doing this I’ve not once met someone running ardupilot on a race quad or who has even considered it and any of the videos I’ve found of people actually trying to race with it are all from like 5-7 years ago at this point. The recent videos I do find are mostly just long range or plane flying, which isn’t what I’m really looking for. I do realize the cheap hobby boards that only run betaflight may contribute to this, but surely there would be someone running it on a higher power flight controller?
I don’t doubt that it can fly a race copter fine but can it fly it good enough to race with? Should I give it another try?

Sorry if the first post came off a little rude I don’t mean to call the project bad, it’s excellent at what it was primarily designed to do, it flies waypoints beautifully and has a whole load of features. I run it on my AR wing and a hex of mine.