ArduCopter on a Goku GN405 Nano

Any thoughts on being able to install on this FC? It’s a bit muddled because they have apparently changed chips numerous times over the past year. This is a Flywoo Explorer LR v2.2 which I have upgraded the GPS to a GPS/compass module.

On mine, it comes up in Betaflight as target: Matek F411. The printing on the chip is F415OG6, which from ST’s site says it has 1MB flash. I know it will be limited due to flash size, but I essentially just want angle or horizon mode, and altitude and position/gps hold and a proper RTH.

I’m currently running Inav (beta firmware from Flywoo) on it but as I’m planning on all future builds being ArduCopter I’d love to get it on here.