ArduCopter firmware in STM32F4 Discovery

Hi guys, We have tried to make quadcopter drone in Ubuntu 16.04 for a few weeks. Actually, We can’t afford a new PX4 controller, because it’s so expenssive to us… That’s why we try to make a copter to use our STM32F4 Discovery. By the way, I have some questions.

  1. How can I firmware to my stm32f4 discovery controller from the open sources( ?
  2. Is it possible to configure between stm32f4 discovery controller and APM or Mission planner ?


Have a look there:

Quite old, but it may work.


Thank you!! I will try to develop it!

Hi, the code is no longer under the link you have provided. And I’m very interested, could you please tell where it’s gone?

Hi I am also looking for tutorial how to flash firmware to stm32 f4 duscovery, can someone help guys?

Hi mlebret
I want to prot ardupilot firmware to STM32f4 board. Can you please help me

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