Arducopter dronekit channel override slow update rate. param SR2_RAW_CTRL?

I am having problems with my drone crashing into the ground and then bounce back up again continuously while it should just stay stationary in the air. I think it is because the drone responds to late to channel overrides making it crash into the ground then receive a throttle up channel override and then when it is to high receive a throttle down channel override. This behavior in a loop is the bouncing I am seeing. I have some more info and graphs in this github issue dronekit/dronekit-python#1141.

Top graph: Flight information at 6hz
Below Graph: written channel override at 6hz

Hope someone can help


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I think you should first make sure your PIDs are tuned, and that the copter flies fine in loiter mode. Auto tune done? Notch filters calibrated?

Once that is running fine, make sure the bandwidth and latency of you control data link is adequate for your application. How many bits/s of mavlink messages does your control loop and or link need? Does your link provide that?

And finally, try to put it all together. But only fully completed the previous steps.