ArduCopter created log in SDcard, but failed to record - with a 0KB log file

As you see in the following picture, I have some sucessfully logs before the problem happen.
On the last flight, copter with pixhack-v5 controller took off and landed without accident. The log is set to start after ARM, and I didn’t change any parameter about log during these flight. What are the possibilities that would cause this?
This problem also happened in pixhawk before.
Could it be a bug in code?

I’d try reformatting it. If it happens again, might be time to replace it.

Good luck.

This has actually been an on-going problem in 3.6 and I think it’s in ChibiOS. The problem is known and I believe tridge is addressing it. It is indeed random. The ground station should announce “bad logging” or something when it happens. Reboot the controller and it normally goes away.

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Thank you all the same.

Yes, It happens without any signs. And I quite sure that it happened when ardupilot used PX4 firmware, I want to know why the whole log is failed, I think the error happen at beginning, or some valid data will take the memory storage.

Yeah, it’s definitely happening at boot. I had it happen twice in a row yesterday with a Pixhack V3 running 3.6.3 ChibiOS. On the third boot it took off and ran fine. It is out of my dept but I know tridge is working on it.


Thank you and the developer. I think we can keep in touch to track this problem untill it be solved.