ArduCopter continuously prints Initializing APM

Why would APM continuously print “Initializing APM” even after all initializations are complete and the vehicle is Armable. I see that it is in the mavlink_delay_cb() but why if APM is finished initializing do I receive the “Initializing APM” message?


A few users of the Zubax UAV CAN GPS have reported this. Is there a Zubax GPS on this vehicle? Could you perhaps set LOG_DISARMED = 1, let the vehicle sit for a minute or so and then download a log file? I’d like to see if there are performance issues by looking at the PM message. LOG_DISARMED can be set back to 0 after the log is downloaded.


I will try to post a log later today. I am not using the Zubax gps, or any UAV CAN devices. Using Ublox gps. A brief check of performance (while disarmed): PERF: 20/4000 53691 2137 that 53k max time looks like a red flag and is probably the culprit. min and num long remain consistent.

@rmackay9 i am having this trouble of continuos message that keep saying “initializing APM”. The message is recieved only when connected through herelink rc over udp, while if directly connected through usb it do not appear.

What could be the cause? I had recently added a library and scheduled a couple of funtions in copter.cpp


I think this message can appear if there is at least a 1second delay in any function. Maybe you could try using the standard ArduPilot to see if the issue goes away?

Is it critical, can it effect during the flight @rmackay9

@saddi1991, yes, I think it could be critical. If there’s a delay in the main loop that could cause a crash.

Hi, @rmackay9 does it mean that the mainloop is affected by any function that is scheduled in copter.cpp
How can i determine that it is effecting controls loop or not.
priority of my functions are closer to lowest.

Can you suggest some readings to help improve ardupilot development skills

Check the PM logs, also run auto analysis to check if there is any slow running main loops, after powering on PM.lon and PM.MaxT graphs should not have large variances, if you customizing the ardupilot code then probably you should share what you are doing, if you are not changing the code then generally this message pop up when you don’t keep the drone in stable position after powering on, another thing which i can think of is something either wrong with hwdef.dat file if you configure it yourself or might possible that baro not able to initialise

Hi everyone, i have been able to resolve this issue by modification in algorithm, thanks for your suggestions.

Now i m having trouble with telemetry data, flight data on GCS gets stuck and wouldn’t update for short duration. And that happens frequently.
@Notorious7, @rmackay9, @imrisaac