Arducopter battery ampere

Hey community , I have a 450 quadcopter which is made with amp 2.8 flightcontroller . I want to know how much current my quad is taking while hovering in the air. I have no telemetry or an osd to observe it . Can any one suggest me how can I moniter it ??
Your help will be help me a lot . Thank you.

Use a power monitor moduel and then you can read the curent and voltage from the Log file after the flight.

Yes I have already installed it in my quad and I have also a log file of my flight. But I can’t understand anything on the graph. Can you help me to understand that graph?

Post a Bin file and I will look at and post back some screen shots that may help.

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Ok sir , I will do it.

2021-10-03 16-58-11.bin (251.5 KB)

this is the file

load that .bin file into
And explore it a bit.

I don’t know if the log viewer will show anything with a .bin file from ancient history ( V3.2.1) …

It will probably do, because the file format is self contained :slight_smile:

can you please help me to understand the ampere drawing by my quad.2021-10-03 16-58-11.bin (251.5 KB)
this is my log file. I am a bigginer in this that’s why I am asking for it.