ArduCopter auto take off question!

I’ve been searching high and low and I can’t find any parameters for auto take off.

All I’ve found is :
“PILOT_TKOFF_ALT: Pilot takeoff altitude
Altitude that altitude control modes will climb to when a takeoff is triggered with the throttle stick.”

I would like to increase the time the drone waits at idle on the ground before it punches up, and also to decrease the speed at which it initially punches up!

I constantly get “Potential Thrust Loss” on each take off, and I believe it’s because the FC desires to be at a higher position than it can get to with the current parameters and powertrain.
(32 inch props with T-Motor U8XL with Flame 60 amp)

I’ve attached a video of a take off to show how aggressive it is.

[!Ajc7blZUQjrshEM4tFY7Y2SMOMmQ ]

I understand this may be a safety feature to get the drone off the ground as quick as possible, but I’m worried it’s so aggressive a motor is going to skip steps and send the drone rolling into the ground right at takeoff.

Any advice or direction will be very much appreciated!

There is one trick and one solution here

Hey Yuri,

I have read through that.

The trick is PreArming then taking off and the solution is waiting for 4.1? :grin::grin:

It seems QGC is very tough with take off. Someone commented on a Facebook post that mission planner takes off much more smoothly.

Even if it takes of aggressively, that’s fine, I would just like to make sure it won’t skip steps right at take off, and that I only get warning messages when there is an actual problem. Not on every take off.

Mission Planner uses “trick”, it starts auto mission after takeoff only.
I’m not sure than aggressive takeoff safe in windy weather