Arducopter APM 2.8

Hi, I am new to this, i finished building my quadcopter, using api planner 2.
Have been trying to configure it to fly using the X type, but i am having constant problems.
Copter just doesn’t lift off, goes crazy or flips. i have checked the motor and propeller configuration.
All the motors work, i have disarmed the arm check as it gave me continuous RC calibration problems.
Please note my knowledge is totally basic or negligible.

  1. Mates xt60 PDB
  2. Brushless motors A2212 13t 1000kv
  3. 30a esc
  4. f450 frame
  5. Apm 2.8
  6. 2s 6000 mah 60c lipo
  7. Flysky fs i6 TX and Fs-ia6b RX
  8. M8N gps

We will need to see a log file from the flight controller.

The pre arm checks are telling you whats wrong, don’t ignore them.

If the RC calibration is not correct then that could be the cause.
Ignoring these errors will not assist in getting the quad to fly.

Have you followed the Wiki in setting up and calibrating?

please could you send me a link or the web address for the wiki page.
reset the configuration so all the log files may have been deleted, but if you can guide me how to send the log files i would appreciate it if they are still available
the esc have lost their calibration and they are constantly beeping now.

!) followed all the steps indicated in the wiki page, Cannot or Rc doesn’t calibrate.
2) Esc are behaving eratic, followed all the steps to calibrate them, they are moody all of a sudden they work and at other times they keep emitting an annoying sound.

Which steps have you followed?
What Wiki pages have you read?
All the information you need can be found here

Follow the instructions from the start.
Have you loaded Mission Planner?
Have you found the log download page?
You are not giving us much information to go on.