ArduCopter: AIS Support via Skydroid T12

I notice in release notes of copter that “AIS support for displaying nearby boats can be included” under GitHub - ArduPilot/ardupilot: ArduPlane, ArduCopter, ArduRover, ArduSub source Release “Copter 4.4.0-beta1 19-Apr-2023”, I’m trying to connect Skydroid T12 at Telem1 and AIS Transponder at Telem2, using USB cable from CUAVv5+ I could see ship information from official Rover firmware image of MissionPlanner, Can I use this Arducopter firmware and see the same boat image via T12 Skydroid instead of via USB cable?

Can you pls help me by posting configuration I should use for the same as in release notes to build the firmware supporting AIS.

AIS is not included in the Copter build by default but should be able to add it to a custom build on the custom build server. (Under “Ident”)

thanks for quick reply, can I add “define AP_AIS_ENABLED 1” in hwdef.dat under CUAVv5 and build for copter, will that help me to transmit data via Skydroid T12 Radio?

Yes, that should work if your building locally.

I checked and its not working with radio; attached picture, red marked is radio I use and green marked is USB.

with USB connected to Mission Planner it works fine.

Kindly share if you have any clues so I can try out.

can I get pointed about source file responsible for sending data via radio/skydroid? in ardupilot, so I can debug.