Arducopter 4.04 - Case closed

Hi guys i have a Predator 650 frame with 3510 motors and 12 inch props, its running a PX4 with Ardupilot og and several other functions and what not.

I just bought a Benewake TF-LUNA Lidar and tried connection over Serial 4, set up as i found it on the Ardupilot site, but cant seem to get any range from it, only see voltage in status menu.

What could i be missing ?

whats in your parameters settings? have you setup Serial4 to Lidar ? with the recommended spects and baud?

also what is your GCS , Qground or Mission planner?

BTW anyone can help me too?

my MiniTF Lidar works on Loiter with parameter . Altitude source as Rangefinder.
but on mission mode I set the Altitude as Terrain . it keeps switching to Mean sea level altitude . .
but when place in relative altitude . it switches to BARO

GCS Qground

I have set parameters according to ardupilot

And all I get in status window is the sonar voltage shows 70 something and nothing on the sonar range. Voltage is fluxating.

Also tested it in QGroundcontrol as well as mission planner. No range detect. I have a CUAV Pixhawk FMU V3.

Any tips on what to do. I need this lidar working, this is for mye work.

What cable are you using?
The one that come with the LUNA needs rewiring to work with the std serial port configuration

I was afraid of that, was hoping it would be fine but, will check papers tommorow and see

Case closed, was a simple cable mismatch. All working now, measuring perfect

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