Arducopter 3.6.5, 3.7.0, or esc calibration, possibly reversed one Esc's rotation direction?

Hello I have a quadcopter that was flying on arducopter 3.6.1 ChibiOs. I tried to load 3.6.4 onto but 3.6.5 had already came out. then I decided to load 3.6.5 but accidentally put 3.7.0 knowing that is beta and didn’t want to risk it I tried downloading 3.6.4’s .apj file and ended up with 3.6.5. Since 3.6.5 whas released a few days ago I decided to just use it instead of 3.6.4 so I did. Then I just went through the accel, radio, esc calibration. The Esc calibration button wasn’t working correctly on mission planner so I changed the esc calibration value in the parameter to 2 and rebooted, which did nothing then 3 which actually calibrated the esc’s. Then I did a motor test just for the heck of it and noticed that one of the motors spun the wrong direction. I didn’t change any of the wiring at all I just upgraded Ardupilot version and made sure everything was calibrated correctly. I am using Multistar 32bit 30amp esc’s that can be programmed with a program card but I don’t have one of those and I don’t understand exactly how they work (to help find the issue). I’m trying to rule out why this was caused because I don’t want a motor to reverse direction on me before a flight and have a drone do a headspin on the ground with propeller bits flying everywhere.