ArduCopter 3.3.X PL Precision Landing code

hello I’m looking for the source code of version 3.3 with precision landing, (uses the IR lock system)
but for now my searches have no result,
If I could get the firmware of this page:

but I can not find the specific source code

Links to binary and sources are on this page:
You’ll get better results with recent code and a rangefinder though.

This appeared on the front page of ardupilot because the category was set to “Blog”. I’ve changed the category to “ArduCopter”. txs.

forgive me for that, I had not realized

i did the 5a point.
but i dont see the parameters of precision landing in mission planer

in my case i ned the specific 3.3 version

If you need an old missionplanner they’re kept here:
But you may just need to enable the advanced parameters page. Instructions for that are in the wiki.