Arducopter 2.8 input pin how to change or fix?

somehow the input pin 2 and pin 4 doesn’t work properly. When I connect to a PWM radio receiver the channels of pin 2 and 4 doesn’t move eventhough, measured with an oscilloscope, these outputs of the receiver have a PWM signal that is working.
When I only connect channel 2, it is working but channel 4 moves simultaneously. Also vice versa when I only connect channel 4,it is working and channel 2 moves simultaneously (in the mission planer software)
The Arducopter board is installed with an Arduino Mega 2560 driver and everything, expect for these 2 channels, work.
I searched for an option to change the input pins but I didn’t find something.
Does anybody have an idea?
I also thought about to buy an pwm to ppm decoder. Might this solve the issue?
Sidenote: one year ago this very board worked well and now after 1 year doing nothing with it, it doesn’t work. I don’t know a lot about programming so it might be a software issue?
Would be really really glad about some ideas how to fix!
Best regards Sebastian

Hi Sebastian
Could you mention which Flight Controller you’re using?
Arducopter is a software. Can you also provide the wiring diagram ( a picture of the wiring setup) to understand your issue.

Hello Manu,
the flight controller is 2.8. I think it’s called apm 2.8 at least there is written it’s 2.8
In Mission planer I choose the newest available firmware.
In this state the connection diagram is really only usb cable to PC and the radio receiver.
If fully assembled there comes a buzzer to the buzzer pin and 4 ESC on the ESC pins, as well as GPS and Telemetry. But since it’s not working I disconnected everything to isolate the error.
Thank you for your reply, wish you a good day!

It’s been around 4 years since I last used APM flight controller so I’m a little rusty.

Are you using the ardupilot version mentioned here?

Kindly read the warning for APM flight controllers. Arducopter support is only till copter 3.3 ( not including 3.3).
So flash and older firmware or try.
If you want to use the latest features upgrade to one of the newer flight controllers. I’d suggest cubepilot.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey Manu,
yes the apm is a waste of money. It’s already the second controller that doesn’t inbetween 5 min flight time without reason…
I definitively gonna buy another one when buying a new one.
What do you think about the sp racing flight controller?
Maybe I find a way to get the Apm to run

I haven’t used them so can’t really give a good review.
I’ve used APM, pixhawk 1, pixhawk cube and Matek flight controllers.
I find cube to be the most powerful and I prefer it, but it is more expensive than sp flight racing controller.
It depends on your application and budget. I’m sure if you start a topic on which controller to buy the community will provide you with multiple options.