Arducopter 2.8 compass calibration problem

Hi there I wonder if someone can help out? I and my grandson have built a Turnigy Talon Tri-Copter and in setting up the board I find the compass calibration doesn’t work, i.e. moving the board around doesn’t produce any samples?? The coloured rods are in the window but don’t rotate and no samples are built up to form the global map. I have previously built a DJI(type) 450 and successfully set that up but that was on windows 7 I’m now on Windows 10. I also downloaded the MAC version which gives me verbal messages of "pre-arm check, compass weak/ compass not heathy so I’m not sure whether it really is the compass (ublox 6) or the board or just the download? We have a Spektrum DX8i and orange RX v2 8 channel and I can’t even arm the motors? I’m totally lost.:weary: Any help would be much appreciated

Compass calibration can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

Make sure you have the latest Mission Planner.

Select only one compass, external.

Deselect Auto complete in the calibration window so you can build up a good sample.

Mission Planner seems to have issues with multiple compasses sometimes.

Thankyou Mike for taking the time I’ll give this a go and let you know. I have in the meantime ordered a new compass in case this one is faulty, if not it will come in as a spare. Thanks again