Arducopter 2.8 Arming

I have a Quadcopter which I have built, I am using the Arducoptor 2.8, I have nothing else as far as accessories are concerned, (not yet anyway), so I have just got my receiver, I also have a Power Module, (GM Ver. 1.0), I have calibrated and recalibrated the ESC’s, however, when I arm the Controller I only get two of the motors spinning at very low speed, increasing the throttle will obviously fire up the other two, but I feel that two of the motors are spinning faster than the other two based upon them spinning when the controller is armed.

Do you firstly know how to get the other two motors to spin when Arming the Flight Controller and secondly, I cant seem to find what the other two jumper pins are for, I know the cap on the other jumper pins is for the Internal compass, removing it only when using an external compass.

Looking forward to your assistance

recalibrate the escs once more, and if that does not help, slightly increase the armed_throttle parameter until all motors spin.

Hi Amilcarlucas, thanks for that information, I will do just that, but could you tell me how to access the section so that I can slightly increase the armed_throttle parameter please?

I am not sure how that parameter is named in the ancient Copter 3.2.1 version. I work with master code…

You will have to figure that out yourself, sorry.

OK mate, thanks anyway, I appreciate the time in replying to my original post.