ArduBoat motor and esc selection

Hey guys,
I’m very new to ArduPilot. Me and my group mates are looking to build an autonomous boat used to collect trash for our project and are wondering how to select motors and ESC’s. Motors will be brushless, looking at PWM protocols. What should we consider when selecting motors and ESC’s ? The motors will be used to drive the propellers located underwater.

Thanks. Sincerely.

This is a good rule of thumb figuring out the size of motor for a boat.

However, you will soon discover that “weed tangle” problem is a real headache for GPS guided boat that travels long distances. Since your project is for trash collection, I strongly recommend considering above-water propulsion like an airplane propeller if you haven’t already.

Depending on what the hull looks like you may want to consider thrusters. They are weed magnets also but easier to guard if you wanted to try that.Blue Robotics is one manufacturur that are popular with Ardu Boats.