Arduboat Herelink

I’m trying a new boat with this setup.

-Pixhawk Cube
-Bluerobotics T-100 + Basic ESC’s

Really want to do something similar as Randy’s boogey board.

It seems that everything is OK but the thrusters doesn’t spin anyway.

Ardurover firmware on Pixhawk

Any ideas?
Thanks so much

Post the parameter file.

This is the parameter file from MP

Pixhawk firmware: Rover 3.5.1
Herelink has QGC development master 2019/04/26

pauG.param (13.6 KB)

Probably not the Herelink as I am using the same from time to time. Your RC_MAP is suspicious and I don’t know if you are using a safety switch that is indicated in the parameters and arming the system first. Also have you calibrated your remote? Some RC settings look like it but RC3 does not.

Hi David,
Thanks for your response.

In the Radio menu, throttle keeps in that position. When I push forward in increases but when I press backward it also increases.
Channel monitor from 9 to 16 are blinking
There’s also a problem with the flight mode parameters as you can see on the pop-up message.

When I did the radio calibration freezes in one of the steps.
That’s all I noticed that could be irregular.

Thanks in advance.

Just close the yellow box. I’m using mine this morning and I will recheck my radio screen. I currently only use the roll and pitch stick for throttle and steering.

Have you made any progress? Disabled the safety switch if you do not have one?

Hi David,
No progress…
What do you mean “Safety switch”?

You have BRD_SAFETYENABLE set to 1. Set this to 0 if you do not have some type of safety switch to engage. And you will have to arm the system before the motors will run

Hi David,
Thanks for your help. It works!

Now the thruster spins forward and turns, but I can’t go backwards.
It seems to be a radio calibration failure.

Thruster keeps in that position as neutral…

The Herelink joysticks works OK and I Looked for related parameters to fix it with no succes.
Thanks again

What sticks are you using to control the boat? Can you post an updated parameter list?

Thruster on left Y axis and direction on right X axis. (mode 2)
If I change this into mode 3 on joystick options, thrusters spins on neutral sticks position

pauG parameters v2.param (13.6 KB)

Here’s the parameters list.
thank so much

It appears that your left stick, RC3, is not calibrating properly. Look around on I saw something a bit ago on some problem and how to solve it.

Thanks so much David,
I continue this post onto the Cubepilot Herelink forum.

Try reading this.

I am having a similar problem. I am running ArduRover on a boat. It was working until I added my new Herelink. I had trouble with the radio and the joystick calibration so I used the method in the Google Doc to get into the calibration through the dial pad. After that I was able to calibrate the joystick and the radio, but now I either get no response from my thrusters or they start spinning wildly. I have checked and rechecked my parameters but I can’t find the problem. I tried to attach the parameter file but it says a .params file is not authorized. Any ideas?

A .bin file would help

I changed the file extension of my parameter file to .txt and now the site lets me upload it. I will download a .bin file when back in the shop

20201202_notworking.txt (25.4 KB)

After another round of the joystick and radio calibrations it’s now working. Weird

hi, i am having issue of blinking chan 9-16 on herelink’s QGC … also autopilot is not responding to RC_OVERRIDE command while RC_OPTION set to 0

plz suggests what are possibilities?
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