Arduboat Differential Thrust Parameters

Hey guys. I’ve built a boat that uses differential thrust ThrottleLeft and ThrottleRight are on 73 and 74 respectively. I’ve been simulating with gazebo/ardurover and IRL but the boat just seems to spin around in circles rather than executing waypoints.

I know its not a hardware issue because we previously used it in manual with standard thrust with a mixed taranis input. But now we are doing autonomous work trying to get the arduboat parameters working.

I was following this post: Differential Thrust Boat with ArduPilot and I even tested the parameters that Steven posted, yet it still just spins in circles. Here are my parameters that are currently being used: diff_thrust.param (17.2 KB)

Yes, I had a similar problem too.

Hi @scz-u,

We see this reported reguarly on new builds and normally the issue is Servo outputs have been reversed. Checking the motor direction with the motor test normally shows the motors are spinning in reverse or the motor order in incorrect (e.g. left and right are swapped).

By the way, with these kinds of reports we often hear, “the vehicle drives fine in Manual but spins in Auto, RTL, etc”. If you’ve also found this then after fixing the Servo outputs above, you may also need to reverse the steering direction in the transmitter.

P.S. sorry @zwadzinski for not seeing your original post.

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