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ArduBee is ready


It was an amazing journey thought ArduPilot and this community learning flying robotics till today.
An open source project and community which use custom hardware to fly, It’s not an easy task at all to drive and keep alive.
I want to say thanks to all the developers and active participants because all this exists thanks to your energy, this community, and the passion for technology and the desire to use it, actively.
I hope we found out our way to be useful with our effort to push ArduPilot, positively, even more. We believe micro autonomous UAVs are such an incredible tool to develop for today and the future, and we need the right tool to work with.
After many months dense of work we are delight to present you the Ardubee’s Kickstarter campaign.

Our aim is to create an innovative platform, it’s based on the H7 MCU, with a robust and flexible ecosystem of modules that we want to expand in the future and now consist of the first 5 addons.

ArduBee with Avoidance addon stacked on top of GPS addon

The goal is to grow up and support Ardupilot to gain new users and developers attracted by a small, safe and almost ready platform. Ready to start to play with, even for Swarm application, either indoor and outdoor.
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Help ArduBee platform to take off spreading out its campaign


looks great, congratulations!

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how are things looking for a vision add-on?

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Looking good, I’ve backed the campaign. I was torn whether to get the GPS or the optical flow version but I went for GPS in the end.

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I backed the GPS one too, it will be a lot of fun!


That looks great and going well! I hope you bake it fast!

I like the platform idea and think that it has a lot of room in Universities and other scopes.


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This looks more like an indoor drone, so I’m kind of surprised to see clearly outdoor options like GPS. I see for €165 on top of the €350 ArduBee + GPS price you can get GPS, optical flow and avoidance.

I’d presume most people would be interested in these ArduBees for the optical flow, avoidance and the (substantially more expensive) indoor positioning.

While the indoor positioning pledge is significant, at €1,345, it seems to be priced competitively when compared with the similar-sounding Crazieflie indoor explorer bundle.

Minor point: on some of the pledges it says “If you are UE member please…” - I guess this is a translation issue from Italian and, indeed, for most other pledges it states “If you are EU member please…”. Maybe best to clean this up, if possible, to avoid confusion.

Also, the BLHeli link is broken. At the moment it’s but it should be, i.e. it’s missing the %20 between the 32 and the ARM.

Best of luck with the Kickstarter - it looks super :slight_smile:

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Huge achievement and milestone, well done and congrats!
And best of luck!

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Backed one with GPS + Ducts. I haven’t ever played with Copter before so it will be nice to have something small to learn on and experiment with. I like the idea of using an 18650 for power, that’s easy.

I’d be interested in what the “board” will be called so we can track the progress in GitHub and a drawing of the outline of the PCB so I can make a 3D printed cover.


First of all, congratulations to the team on this amazing project and I’m very interested in trying out the Ardubee.

I saw your Kickstarter and would love to know if you have any plan after this to deliver the Ardubee.


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