Ardu Plane Arming and Disarming Issues

I must be over looking something important so need some guidance. I am doing BENCH TESTING ONLY at this point.

  1. I am using Pixhawk 2.4.8
  2. I have loaded latest Ardu plane firmware.
  3. I can arm the plane, by first pressing the safety switch (after GPS lock) and then pushing the throttle stick to the right.
  4. A single motor spins fine when throttle is used.

The issue is, when I push the stick to the bottom left, PixHawk will not disarm. even if I try to disarm using the push switch, it stays solid RED.

What am I doing wrong here? Do i need to adjust some default parameter settings here?

I am using very simple basic channel mapping.

Chan 1 = Aileron, Chan 2 = Ele, Chan 3 = Throttle, Chan 4 = Rud.

Mission planner exactly the same. See screen shot.

in mission planer WITH OUT A PROP ON try and force it to arm see what is say the issues are

Please re read my question. Arming is not an issue, dis arming is the issue

will it disarm in mission planer ?

anyway that a safety Features so you cant disarm in flight
read here

Arduplanes wont disarm with left rudder, since a lot of firms back! use GCS disarm


default is 1

Hi, So if I understand the comments above correctly.

  1. When Pixhawk is loaded with Ardu plane, it is just safety feature not to allow disarming with the stick due to accidental disarming while in flight. correct?

  2. To override this feature, change parameter ARMING_RUDDER =2?

please confirm.