APSync is working with RPI 4B with 8GB?


I’m using a RPi 4B 8GB with Pixhawk 2.4.8 and T265 camera to autopilot a mini drone in indoor.
Is there a version of APSync which is working with RPi 4B with 8GB to use with this configuration ?


Are you getting the “incorrect elf” error on bootup (or something similar)?

It’s not a problem with the image per se, but that the 8GB pi has some slightly different boot stuff.

If you have a 2GB or 4GB Pi 4, put the image into one of those and do update / upgrade. That should then let it work on the 8GB.


Thank you mroberts for your reply!

In fact, I was able to make working an apsync image on RPi 4B 8GB. The only thing is still not good, is that it seen only 14 Gb out of 32GB as my SD card has.

Check the Pi docs - there’s an option / command (maybe in raspi-config) to expand the filesystem to the whole size of the SD card.

APSync image doesn’t install the raspi system, it install ubuntu instead. I will check via this one how to do it