APsync/ Dronekit - How to control the MAVLINK stream on the wifi Access point?


I have a pixhawk 2 with Edison in it. I can connect to Mission Planner over the wifi on the Edison. This allows me to control the drone using Mission Planner. However, I want to use Mission Planner to view the status of the drone and have a script inside the Edison (using dronekit perhaps) that monitors all the commands sent by Mission planner ( such as ARM, change param, etc.,) and allow only certain commands that to be passed on to the drone. The remaining Commands should be ignored. I’m trying to do this as a way of exercising control over the commands that the drone receives from the GCS, and allow only certain commands to pass through and disallow some commands that are not supposed to be changed (eg. - ARMING_CHECK Param should not be changed).

I’m new to the whole Companion Computer shebang and am not clear on how to proceed with this. Can someone help point me in the right direction?


Probably add some sort of filter into mavlink-router. You can find the
source code to that on the Edison.

I’ll check it out, thanks!