[APPROVED] Add some analytics to ArduPilot.org to help scope some refactoring


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I got some people complaining that https://ardupilot.org/ is not that appealing on first reading, and I agree with them.
Therefore I would like to add some analytics like https://plausible.io for 1-2 months to look at what people are really reading.

I am specially targeting blog and community section that are in front when we should describe what ArduPilot is …

Having analytics would help us to see where to concentrate the refactoring.

Planned amount $$ (USD):

Plausible is 78€/$ per months for 1M view, so that should be enough. We could still deploy it on a droplet, I have already deploy it and that isn’t really difficult

Deployement on a new droplet should cost us 5€/m and should suit our need, we can scale it up later.
There is also an official tutorial, so that would simple deployement : How To Install Plausible Analytics on Ubuntu 22.04 | DigitalOcean

Estimated time for completion:

1-2 month

NB: if the experience is sucessfull, we could try to deploy it to track correctly file download on firmware.ardupilot.org/

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add a bit more info on self-hosting.
Considering how well it is documented, I think we could go safely on the self-hosted road.
I would need a droplet and a dns record : plausible.ardupilot.org, pointing on it. Then we will have https

Before adding a new droplet, we should check the utilisation of the existing resources

Hello guys, this is stuck and I am willing to works on this as for now I got some time to do it. It would be great if we could come up with a plan on this ?

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I like this idea very much, I think it could bring a lot of insight. From that insight we could probably know where to put resources to improve a lot the visibility of Ardupilot.

I support this proposal with a budget of max US$300/mon for a trial of 3 months to see if its useful. I would work with @khancyr on the deployment details

@khancyr approved by @Funding_Team at up to US$300/mon for a 3 month trial

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