apm2.8 ardupilot mega2.8

I want to control servo motors with Ardupilot mega 2.8 flight control card (Tower Pro MG995). There is no ESC in my system. I have a project in which I use a servo motor in the form of QUAD + and 1 servo motor for the throttle. Thanks.

Good day, better you look for a different fc… apm 2.8 and ardupilot mega 2.8 are out of date

hmm thanks

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30 Haz 2021 Çar 23:01 tarihinde David via ArduPilot Discourse noreply@ardupilot.org şunu yazdı:


You can check this link, it has all options and includes your problem statement too (controlling servos with APM 2.8 without using ESC).
Good luck, hope this helps.