APM not stabilizing the quad high oscillations

2019-09-09 11-06-03.tlog (616.2 KB)

Please find the telemetry log of the flight , i am disabiling all arm checks since i am flying without GPS module and using APM 2.6 , as soon as i hover above the ground extreme oscillations occur and i cant know why please help!!

please send BIN file for support queries

I know but unable to download data flash logs there is always error messages from Mavlink , so please help!

did you autotuned your copter ? (i asked this because of oscillations not logs)
and what is the error of mavlink ?

error when downloading data flash logs

i didnt autotune because i am unable to lift more than 10cm because there is extreme oscillations like it is trying to stabilize but unable to do so.

try with a new cable and another usb port and latest mission planner.

its very hard to find your problem without log but i think its a tune problem
did you read this part of wiki :

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Tried everything and nothing worked

so try APM planner or on another computer

i think its tunning problem too well with the default pid settings of my aircraft having f450 frame with emax motors and escs simonk i should be able to takeoff right?

Please send more details about your copter
Try this part first
And your copter must fly after this
But you have to tune it to get the best result

This is my quad with emax motors and simonk escs with apm 2.6 and intrested just in stabilizing the drone so no GPS and disabled pre arm checks.

Its must fly well
But try install and fly with gps , you will get better performance.

Intrested for now in stablizing it and then add gps

For stabilize you have to tune your copter

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Okey i will tune it but what is the best procedure to do so by the ropes or is their a specialized handler that i can put the drone on for tunning

This is the new and most complete instructions for tuning
It will sole your problem

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Is it necessary to change default pids to my quad for it to stabilize in the air? Or these procedures can get it flying?

if your copter is not stable in air and shaking you have to change PIDs as described in wiki i was send