APM Helicopter 2.6 Wiring Help Please

Just had my first “flight”, not exactly what I expected, the thing is wobbling all over the place (see https://youtu.be/O10xARyip8Q )
Am I missing a parameter here? Please help once again…

I am certainly no expert but when my 450 does similar to that my rate Pitch and rate Roll P values are set tooo high, or maybe FF values tooo high.
Check out traditional helicopter tuning, lot of good information.
Keep trying you are getting there

Alright, started from scratch with the tuning using the “traditional helicopter tuning” manual, after weeks of bad weather. Now it’s impossible to fly, it’s pulling to the left like crazy. This is what the manual said "Lift off just one inch but be ready to put it down because you will have little or no control. It’s going to be bad, so be ready for it!"
Well that’s an understatement!

I tried several times the calibration again, checking all the values over and over again, but it’s no possible to fly without crashing it, can someone please give some advise or help? Thanks a lot!

Sounds like you are using the old tuning method. even though you are using an APM, you should be able to use the new tuning method even though the parameter names have changed. Please post a parameter file so we can look at your parameters.


arducopter3.2.1.param (5.4 KB)

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the reply, I posted my parameter file as requested.

Thanks a lot!


taking a quick glance at your parameters, there are a few questions/comments I have.

Doesn’t look like you calibrated channel 5 of your RC transmitter. that channel sets the flight mode. Along with that you don’t have any other flight modes set other than stabilize (see your FLTMODE_X parameters)

Also did you set your collective range using H_COL_MIN and H_COL_MAX. hey appear to be the default values.

Review the current wiki for trad heli set up. We can help translate between 3.2.1 params and 3.5 params. But it would be good for you to review for basic setup procedures.

Also we have adopted a method of tuning that starts with the RAT_RLL_FF =0.15 and RAT_PIT_FF = 0.15 which should provide a much safer first flight.
this is the link to our current tuning wiki.

Sorry I don’t have more time to give more feedback. Make sure you get the collective range and transmitter set up properly if you haven’t done so already.


I may still have a copy of my APM 2.5 parameters from my Trex 550E before I upgrade to a Pixhawk. I used asymmetrical Spinblades on it but it should be close and I don’t think I stretched it to a 600 until after upgrading to the Pixhawk. I’ll take a look.

This was just after I stretched it but I don’t recall having to make any adjustments. Ran Missions welldec 7 2015.param (7.5 KB)

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nice how you could help out.
Also started with my Helis and APM2.5. But I have nothing backed up because I never wanted to go back since I used Pixhawks.
Ones I used your params for testing after I have seen an impressive mission of yours. I am sure it was you!

Thanks for all the help so far, really appreciate it, I wasn’t able to test the parameter file dec 7 2015.param jet, because I was working abroad for a couple of months, and I ordered some parts for the heli, because wit the last test flight, I got some damage on the tail. As soon as I have the parts, I will test this and keep you updated! Sorry for the late response… once again thanks for the great help.

Well the parameter file wasn’t a success, I think I call it the day on the Arducopter project, and start doing things that do actually work. The apm goes with the trash, but anyway thanks for the help. Cheers