APM hardware to throw away?

I’m Italian, I use an online translator and I apologize for any mistakes.

I would like to resume an old ardurover project that has been shelved for years:
APM 2.6 + ArduRover firmware v2.51-beta(705d3d56) + Mission Planner 1.3.79

  • L298N for two 12 V DC motors
    obtaining a rover governed by steering using the parameters:

which however I can’t set as they are disabled like other parameters.

Maybe it’s because APM2x is no longer supported?
How can I fix?

Would switching to “Pixhawk 4” hardware be the solution?
Though I’d still like to see the wheels move…

Or any suggestions


APM is Jurrasic so just throw it away.
As for the L298n as motor controller, it is not directly compatible with ArduPilot, but you can control with a H7 type Flight Controller and LUA scripting

If you are looking for easy integration, You can use Bidirectionnal Brushed Motor Esc or SaberTooth motor controllers that works out of the box.

Thank you very much
I need to evaluate:
things get complicated for me and now I remember why APM has aged in a drawer :-))

To try again to experiment,
what hardware do you recommend?
Pixhawk or something good and cheaper?
I would like to control it with GCS and MAVLink protocol telemetry, without RC radio (I don’t have it).

sincerely thanks again

There are many flight controllers out there that supports ardupilot. Although you will need a radio to properly setup and tune an aircraft, even if you want to operate it using only GCS when it’s finished

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Put that at the top of the purchase list.

As allways, WIKI is your friend, may I suggest you do some reading to get yourself up to date before buying