APM 2 and Rover firmwares

Hi there!

The wiki documentation is clear about the versioning and compatibility with APM2 regarding Copter and Plane. However, I confuse with Rover and APM2 compatibility and firmware repo.

I would like to update such information on the wiki. Please, someone can enlight me about that?

Does APM2 runs Rover 3.5? What is the newerest version of Rover that can runs on APM2?


No. I need twenty characters here. No

No point in updating the Wiki for an obsolete board. I don’t even know if that old board will run Rover 2.51 which is the last version that runs on the APM 2.6’s. These boards really have no value as replacements with much greater capability are cheap.


In case of someone else have the same doubt: Based on the firmware repo I found Rover’s binaries up to version 3.4.2 para a APM2. From 3.5 and further no support.

I will create a simple PR to the Wiki in case someone else try to find it there.