Apm 2.8 vs Pixhawk 2.4.8

Hi everyone! I’m new member of this forum. I just wanted a few questions regarding flight controllers. I’m currently researching for an optimized and economic flight controller for my Final Year Project on UAV Light Show. I just wanted to ask a question that which one would be more preferable and why? I’m open to any other suggestions besides these two FC’s. Kindly keep in mind that I would be working on swarm of drones so which one is preferable for such a project.

The APM Flight Controller hasn’t been supported for 7yrs so that’s not an option. The quality of the Pixhawk 2.4.8’s is questionable as it’s a generic Flight Control of unknown origin and it’s an old F4. Look at FC’s from Hex (cube), Matek, Holybro, CUAV and Mrobotics. No particular order there, the form factor and features can be quite different between them.

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Thanks for the reply Dave. Are these FC’s open source as well?

Some are some are not. I don’t think the distinction makes much difference:

Ardupilot FC’s

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So Dave if I go for Pixhawk 4 developed in collaboration with Holybro would that be a suitable FC?

Not sure what you mean by collaboration. They have been producing this for some years. It’s an older F7 processor based FC. I would go with an H7 based FC. All the manufacturers I listed make them. The name “Pixhawk” doesn’t really have much significance.

Are F7 and H7 some kind of architecture design for FC’s?

It’s the processor. The evolution is 8bit APM>F4>F7>H7. H7 being the latest tech for Flight Controllers. If you want something economical with the latest tech look at the Matek Boards. H743-Wing V3 for example.

Actually we are not familiar with these FC’s plus we need to develop our own software to run the drone show. Therefore, the recommendation we got was to use Pixhawk series FC and here in Pakistan only 2.4.8 was available.

OK, perhaps you will have no choice then. Supplies are limited everywhere these days.