Apm 2.8 tip over

I am a new builder, the frame is F450 and APM 2.8 I managed to fly the drone one time so I know that my problem is not related to incorrect basics like wrong motor order, propellers etc.

The problem is that I cannot manage to take off without the vehicle tipping over.

Please advice

You will need to provide a lot more information.
.bin log from flight controller
description of setup with pics if possible
more detailed description of successful flight and what might have changed
List of calibrations done.
More information = more answers

Thank you mboland, I am trying different things myself to see if I can ID the problem. I notticed that the screws on one of the motors where loose and I fixed that then tried a new take off and things look better…

I was not doing it at a proper place with sufficient ground to climb up, so what you see here is me trying to adjust to radio controls …

I did a new try today and the tip over syndrome is clearly present and not permitting a normal life for the drone -and owner-.

I used STABILIZE and LOITER modes. While holding it by the “head” I managed to feel that there is a tendency of the motors to stabilize the drone un evenly, -but also the tip over is not the same side always-.

Please advice.

I forgot to explain that they where cutting the grass at the same time I was doing my test !


Run the level horizon calibration
Make sure the RC transmitter has no trims or mixes, rerun the RC calibration and check the RC channels all have reasonable min, max and trim (centre) values.

I have a radio connection with the APM PLANNER and HORIZON looks dead on on the PRIMARY DISPLAY FLIGHT interface.

I have another dron that flies perfectly well with the same RC. Also I am flying with all modes on EASY, so it would be difficult to think that RC is signaling to FLIP OVER, it would more likely move to one side, no?

but thanks for the advice, I will try all tomorrow

I wonder if my problem can be fixed with BASIC TUNNING. I will try.

Have you run the motor test that is built into mission planner? Test each motor by increasing % of throttle in order to determine the minimum % at which each motor begins to spin. Quads will sometimes flip in the direction of a motor where the minimum spin % is higher than the others. Often the cause of the problem is bad esc calibration, a bad esc, or a bad motor, all of which you can then fic.

That sounds interesting. I did’t know about it. I will try

I looked for the MOTOR TEST option but no luck yet. Probably because I have the APM Planner 2 for MAC OS, --a different beast from the Windows platform–

But, I run an experiment restraining the drone with cords from its 4 legs and did a lot of virtual take offs.

The syndrome was not very apparent in the first run -I will do more tomorrow-. Have a look.

This YouTube shows the procedure that made a HUGE change in my quads condition.
Weather did’t permit me to do a lot of tests, but I did the process shown here --it is very simple, and satisfying-- and then used the quad that had much more power, no motors looked like not wanting to move with the others. In other words, my drone looks like a new beast.

Thank you for the help. I am posting the YouTube for others with similar problems.

By the way, I am using APM Planner 2.0 on a MACOS platform.

I’ve never used APM.Planner, but do highly recommend that you at least look at Mission Planner, which can give you really fine-grained control over your settings, and really great logging. Which come in very handy when you’re trying to debug a problem. But congrats in the progress you’ve made.

I am happy to have a solution for the MACOS, if I had a Windows laptop I would use the Mission Planner. There are a few things better on the APM in the interface even if options are limited.
It is interesting that my problem was solved by a very satisfying and useful procedure of turning the radio on full throttle to calibrate all motors at once.
Building my first ARDUPILOT APM 2.8 is a steep learning curve for me, but that is why it is called a hobby. Every time I solve a problem my brain releases a bit of dopamine in to my bloodstream jajaja.
By the way, I blew one of the motors after I managed to fly and I am waiting to receive a spare motor from Amazon, so I look forward to my real first fligh.

By looking at this video it was clearly an ESC calibration problem. You can see that two motors start before the other two.

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I am having a very similar problem as leonardo, I have looked at some other forums as well and they are saying it can be a ECS problem. Can you provide a possible fix. I would really appreciate that. Thank you