Apm 2.8 retired (quadplane)

hi, (i am using a new apm 2.8 and the latest mission planner) for my project i need to enable quadplane but for that i need the AP3.5.0. My board gives the messange it is retired and can only upload to version 3.4.0 so i have a big problem.
I read on this forum

so, is there any way (using other ground control software, getting a new apm board) that would make quadplane work? Please help quick, this school project has a deadline.
Greets Ian

No, I believe it is not possible to enable quadplane on an APM 2.8, because (as you said) the last firmware supported by the APM 2.8 does not have quadplane capability.

(Someone else please post ASAP if I am wrong about this.)

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You need a better hardware, like pixhawk. See this http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-autopilots.html

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You need a Pixhawk…

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You can still use APM 2.8 for Quad TRi whatever. use APM planner Software

APM planner is a PC ground station software.

The firmware on the APM 2.8 flight controller must be Arduplane 3.4.x

Please do not confuse GCS software with flight controller firmware. Those are two very, very different things