APM 2.8 GPS no fix

Hello everybody
I have a Apm 2.8 with thr compass G-Model Ublox NEO-M8N
In Misson Planner it show me that my Gps Hdop is 99,99, the message “GPS: NO FIX”, and the bad compass warning
And the Gps module just show a amber/Yellow light


Go outside and wait for 20mins or so, can sometimes take ages to get the first lock

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Really??? ok i will try it

Nothing happen…
I let 1 hour out side and nothing
In the Apm the green led is solid, the orange is blinking very fast, and the red blue and purple are blinking normal

Hum, I’m not at all familiar with the old APM, maybe someone with more experience can advise, sold green means its has gps lock on current boards

Thx any way

  1. Your hardware is obsolete. APM is not supported anymore!
  2. Current software won’t run on your hardware.
    3)TX and Rx serial GPS signals were connected differently on APM (VS current pixhawk )
  3. When asking such question: Indicate what kind of aircraft (More details is best), what software version are you trying to run etc…


Indeed old stuff. But I have a couple 2.8’s in the junk drawer and this is the connection for the module. If +5 and Gnd are reversed chances are it’s toast now.

Also be careful of the pinouts of the GPS.
I was just having issues with a HK Mini M8N not being seen as I absentmindedly just made up a standard cable and was getting ‘No GPS’.
Turns out the pinouts are totally different.

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Sry i am new to this…
I am runing a Quad rotor, with a X8r recevier, a FrSky X9D, 4000mAh and a gps ublox Neo m8n
In the misson planner the version is the 1.3.62

but he is detected on misson planner

I switch the cables and it appers “No GPS”